What is the


In 2012, the international MR-Linac Consortium was formed.

What is the Consortium?

The MR-Linac Consortium is an international research group that has been formed to facilitate the evidence-based introduction of MR-guided radiotherapy (MR-linac) and to address how the MR-linac could be used to achieve an optimized radiation treatment approach to improve patient survival, local, and regional tumour control and quality of life.

“One of the key achievements of the MR-Linac Consortium is that we’ve brought together a range of different centres, different disciplines, doctors, physicists and radiographers with a common mission to improve patient care.” – Alison Tree, Chair of the MR-Linac Consortium

An introduction to the MR-Linac Consortium by John Christodouleas, MD

The MR-Linac Consortium

Our community is interested in the capabilities of MR-Linac being developed to maximize the clinical impact and the generation of high-quality evidence to demonstrate that impact. Clinical activities and publications within the Consortium are driven by participating sites and individual users.