UPDATE: MR-Linac Consortium Meeting 13 -15 Nov 2024

We are excited to announce that the 2024 MR-Linac Consortium meeting will be held:

13th and 15th of November 2024 in Singapore.

So save the date and say tuned here for further details to follow soon!

What is the meeting all about? Watch the video below to discover more…

Meetings are scheduled yearly. The meeting is orgnised and run by a specific committee made up of representatives from across the consortium.

It is the intention to select locations that allow geographical spread of the meetings and that provide good international access.

The meetings are generally
divided into 2 main areas of interest: 

Educational Interests

Primarily focused on members new to the Consortium or the technology, this track consists of presentations and workshops describing the Consortium structure and way of working, associated projects and the basis of the device (MR, clinical workflow, configuration and acceptance procedures), and achieving a common understanding on terminology (e.g., ATS vs ATP).

Scientific and Research Interests

Composed of a set of presentations and workshops that cover specific scientific and research activities of general interest for the whole consortium. Group meetings discuss clinical studies development and monitoring, guidelines and best practice definitions, and MOMENTUM project deliverables.

Other specific meetings also take place such as the Institutional lead meeting or brainstorm group meetings. Consortium meetings are private, and the material deployed during the meeting has to be considered confidential and property of the authors unless explicitly communicated otherwise

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